Where and How To Plant Trees In Your Landscape For Shade

Planting the right type of trees in the right area of your landscape can make your home more efficient during the summer.We want your summer to be just as “cool” as ours is.

The right kind of tree can help catch those solar rays before hitting your home which allows you to keep you A/C bill down that way you can save that money for family vacations or other fun things!

Now if you are thinking about getting these trees up and running to help you and your home, there are some things you should know.

Choose Deciduous Trees

For maximum shade, choose deciduous trees for your landscape rather than coniferous trees.

Deciduous trees, of course, shed their leaves annually, whereas coniferous trees produce and shed needles – typically less frequently than their deciduous counterparts.

Upon reading the differences between coniferous and deciduous trees, you may assume that coniferous trees are a better choice since they don’t shed their needles annually.

The reality, however, is that deciduous trees offer greater shade. Deciduous trees produce leaves that create a fuller and more complete canopy than the needles produced by coniferous trees.

Plant Trees on the West Side

You should plant the trees on the west side of your home if you’re hoping to create summertime shade, this allows the trees to block the hottest sun to be absorbed

While sun angles vary depending on multiple factors – region, time of year, etc. – most homes in the United States will be exposed to the midday summer sun on their west side.

Of course, you can also plant trees on the east side of your home. The east side probably won’t receive as much direct sunlight as the west side, but if you’re trying to make your home more efficient, a little shade can still prove useful.

Ask For Help

Now sometimes doing all of this can be difficult and very time consuming, that being said, Mike Niland Tree Service is here for the save, we here at Mike Niland are very eager to help and answer any questions you might still have when it comes to planting these trees or taking care of them, check us out here:

Plant Shrubs Around Air Conditioner

While trees are ideal for casting shade on your home, you can plant shrubs to cast shade on your air conditioning unit.

Planting just a few shrubs around the air conditioning unit can make it up to 10% more efficient this can actually keep the unit from overheating.

These shrubs will continue to work throughout the summer to make sure the unit that cools your home can continue to cool your home through the otherwise hot summer months.

Combined with deciduous trees planted on the west side of your home, this can reduce your home’s cooling expenses during the summer.

Maintain the Trees and Shrubs

Regardless of what type of trees or shrubs you intend to grow for shade, you’ll need to maintain them.

When neglected, they’ll continue to grow while consuming more of your landscape this can cause overgrowth and could eventually choke out other live growing around . To keep the size of your trees and shrubs in check, prune them when needed.

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